What a night! It doesn’t get any more exciting. Republicans made huge gains in the House – picking up at least 60 seats – although the Democrats retained control of the Senate. The election suggested overwhelming dissatisfaction, primarily over the state of the economy and healthcare reform. It is clear that there will be some tough battles ahead – over the Bush-era tax cuts, and how to create jobs and cut spending. We will be lucky if there’s anything more than gridlock in Washington for the remainder of Obama’s term.

What did the youth vote look like this time around? We turned out in historic numbers in 2008 – representing 18% of total voters. An estimated 22 to 24 million young people voted, overwhelmingly for Obama. One exit poll suggested that in 2010 youth turnout was as low as 9%. That’s a big drop, with huge implications for the democrats in particular.

What happened? Did you and your friends vote? Why or why not? What issues were important to you?